Doing Good

I have a friend that is remarkable in many ways, but none more so than her commitment to helping the cause in the fight against breast cancer. Unlike so many of us who talk a big game, she actually goes out and gets things done. She does the annual Twin Cities Breast Cancer 3-Day which, in and of itself is no small thing: Walk 60 miles in 3 days. But beyond that she raises funds for the 3-Day each year.

This year, she's decided to go in a different direction. She actually talked several friends and relatives into making a breast cancer calendar which, according to preliminary reports, is something to see. Thus far, she has had incredible luck getting the photographer, studio, hair/makeup, graphic design, printing, etc., all come together to pull this off. The calendars will be debuted at a release party on June 13. If you want to help her out or buy a calendar, all the help she can get will be appreciated. 3-Day Site. Calendar Site (goes live June 13).