Quick, call in the SWOT team!

Most of the time, we are called upon to make reactive decisions with respect to most aspects of our lives. Whether it's slamming on the brakes because that guy doesn't know how to use a turn signal to change lanes or the 4 o'clock meeting is now at 2 o'clock and that 2 hour prep time you were counting on is now out the window.  Thankfully, there are plenty of times where we can take a little time to think strategically in order to make proactive decisions.

So, how do you go about being proactive? One of the tools we use that helps us start forming strategies is called SWOT analysis.  The great thing about SWOT is that it's a simple exercise that can help you to identify some key points within important categories - kind of like directed brainstorming!  Your focus is on 4 key areas of interest:
  1. Strengths - What do you do well?
  2. Weaknesses - Where do you struggle?
  3. Opportunities - What avenues are open to you?
  4. Threats - What circumstances exist that could derail you?
This simple exercise will, at the very least, get things flowing for you. By identifying these key areas of interest, you will have some fertile ground for being more proactive and less reactive!