What's Your Sentence?

Recently, we held a breakfast event to talk with some of our clients about our vision of "Deal World" and how our clients could take the ideas we presented to remain relevant and profitable in light of the changed circumstances imposed upon so many businesses striving to keep going strong despite the persistently weak economy.

So what do we mean we we talk about Deal World? Simply put, there's more to almost any transaction than the four corners of the physical contract. These considerations include the following:
  1. Metrics
  2. Return on Investment
  3. Implementation
  4. The Next Contract
  5. Relationships
  6. Deal Review
 In asking the question about remaining relevant and profitable in the new economy, we reached out to others for their answers to that question. One of our favorite answers was from Dan Pink, author of A Whole New Mind and Drive. This was his answer:
“The key, I think, is to stop treating people (including ourselves) like horses and start treating them like human beings. Instead of trying to bribe folks with sweeter carrots or threaten them with sharper sticks, how about giving them greater freedom at work, allowing them to get better at something they love, and infusing the workplace with a sense of purpose?  The results might surprise you; indeed, they might change the world.”
In order to drive toward our ideal, we identified three key areas of consideration:
  1. Mindset - You have to be ready to make the necessary effort.
  2. Skills - You have to identify your strengths, your value-add.
  3. Design - Great implementation doesn't just happen, it's the result of a great plan!
Finally, we asked our participants to take these lessons to heart. We asked them to identify within themselves a sentence to describe how they approach their work. Click the image below for an image with all the amazing sentences we got back.

Hopefully this inspires you to go and figure out your own sentence and move forward! Good luck!