Deal World Rule #1 - The Value of Your Business is the Sum Total of Its Deals


Welcome to the Wieselaw Negotiation & Contracts Blog, we're excited to share what we learn in our collective experience of doing deals. We call them "Deal World Rules."

Rule 1 - The value of your business (and your life) is the sum total of its deals.

You need great people, content, ideas, money, products and services (“Company Jewels”) to have a successful business… but those things are not enough. Company Jewels need to be connected to commerce toextract their value. Deals connect Company Jewels to commerce. We focus on deals.
Your deal portfolio drives the value of your business. SO – start focusing on your deals, individually and collectively. Great deals increase the value of your business … one deal at a time. Unfortunately, the opposite is true as well (i.e., each bad deal decreases the value of your business).

Rule 1 is about awareness. Just think about it. Where are the dollars and risk for your business generated? Make a list. Check it twice. Are you getting the most from your deal portfolio? Do you even know your deal portfolio? Once you have the awareness you can take effective action to increase the value of your company.