Why WieseLaw?


Hi all - Thanks for stopping by to see our blog. As the newest member of the WieseLaw Contract Studio, I thought I'd share with you some of my impressions and why I knew I wanted to be a part of what Tom, Kendra, Stephanie, Pace and Don have worked so hard to build.

It was obvious pretty early on, that WieseLaw was going to be unconventional. Even the interview process was different. Tom's first question to me was: "What's your favorite movie?" (Intolerable Cruelty, by the way). I was floored and excited. They were a lot more interested in finding out what I was good at, what I enjoyed doing and how I could help them develop the vision for their practice than they were about figuring out where my weaknesses were.

After I joined the firm, I got to see first hand how important relationships and people are here at WieseLaw. We aren't anything without our cool clients. It's definitely not unusual to hear questions about people's families and backgrounds along with whatever deal is being worked. All part of the holistic approach that's taken here.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my year and half I've been here and I can't imagine doing anything else.

Harley, the Golden Retriever


One of the great things about working in the Contract Studio is that we have lots of visitors of the 4-pawed persuasion. We've had Bauer the Bernese Mountain Dog in for a visit (while he was recovering from surgery) and Walter the Pug was a lot of fun.

Our latest office mascot is Harley the Golden Retriever and he loves tennis balls:

We're not sure how long we'll have Harley with us, but we're so glad he's here.

2009 – It’s Going To Be A Great, Tough Year


The media is putting a death wrapper on everything. What the media is not reporting, however, is the incredible duality of the situation. Yes, it’s bad out there, but it’s also fantastic – the world now abounds with unparalleled opportunities. This is an exciting time. We have many constraints: money is tight, time is scarce, attitudes are negative, fear is running high. Yet these “constraints” can actually be turned on their heads and leveraged into fostering wonderful creativity.

Think World War II, think Manhattan Project, think Apollo programs. All of these periods in history were characterized by massive constraints, yet amazing things were accomplished. The constraints were turned on their heads to unleash a torrent of creativity. In fact, our opportunities are even greater still -- because everything is on the table, there are no more sacred cows. When constraints rise to this level, everything must be reexamined, which actually spells the ultimate creative freedom.

Unconstrained Constraints = Ultimate Creative Freedom

During this period of time great things will be done and accomplished by those who lean into this situation and provide value. Lets get busy. . . It’s show time.