Ten Things We Learned from Path to the Entreprenati by Pace Klein

Path to the Entreprenati is a fictional story of a mentor and mentee duo that eloquently ties in a business angle. It takes you to the streets of Lyon and Paris and brings you way back to the time of the Knights Templar. It’s a quick read that’s packed with good advice for anyone who wants to be more than just an entrepreneur.

Here are the top 10 things we learned from the book:

1.    The Entreprenati believe in their ability to forge their own path to bring themselves to success.

You know the famous Henry Ford quote “whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right.” Entreprenati subscribe to the same belief in business and in life.

2.    The promise of a journey of a thousand miles ends with a single nonstep.

Not making a decision is a decision in and of itself, and the longer you go without taking your first step, the longer you put off reaching your personal success.

3.    Figure out what you suck at early, then be proud of sucking at it.

In other words, know your strengths and weaknesses. Do what is worth your time doing and delegate the rest.

4.    If you think it’s great not to make any mistakes, you’re seriously mistaken.

Mistakes aren’t good and they’re not bad. If you make too many, that’s dangerous. But if you don’t make enough, you’re not taking enough chances.

5.    Don’t let your employees be your own appendages.

If you micro-manage or train your employees to be just like you, your company will be stunted. There’s no growth or imagination when you have a bunch of mini replicas operating the business.

6.    If you want to be on top, head straight to the bottom first.

If you surround yourself with successful entrepreneurial people, you’ll slowly start to become like them. Keep rubbing shoulders with people “above” you and you’ll start to make your way to the top. Just be careful to never be at the very top, lest you find yourself at an educational standstill.

7.    True innovation requires the willingness to experiment in ways that fail more than they succeed.

If you’re not willing to fail then you’re not willing to succeed. It’s as simple as that.

8.    You must remain a child of the universe, for there aren’t any Entreprenati among the grownups.

The secret to life entrepreneurs is to be lifelong learners. It’s important to stay curious and keep questioning.

9.    Every advancement starts with a simple “what if?”

Innovation happens when you’re at a standstill for whatever reason and you ask yourself or your team, “what if we did this?” and “what if we did that?” That’s where the magic happens.

10.  Business books don’t have to read like business books.

It’s possible to read a book that acts like fiction but gives you the tools to become a superb entrepreneur. See for yourself.

What’s your favorite business book? We’re always open to checking out new books.