Ten Things We’ve Learned from Hugh MacLeod

Hugh has taught us a lot, and we want to spread the love:

1. Drawings don’t have to make sense

2. Having a dream is the first step to success

3. World domination requires an evil plan. If you don’t have one, don’t plan on dominating

4. Nonsense is cooler than sense

5. Mediocrity is for the birds

6. Being called crazy is a compliment

7. Anyone can become an entrepreneur

8. Simplicity is always key

9. Sharing is cooler than reading

10. Even people who doodle on business cards can become successful

Why is Hugh MacLeod relevant to us at WieseLaw Firm? Because he rocks, and was recently named Babson College’s official cartoonist. His purposeful art says far more in a handful of words than most books do, making him the perfect fit for Babson. We’re stoked to see more of what this new marriage comes up with. And if it’s anything like the piece displayed on this article, it will be good. (Hint, it says, “quit your yappin’ and go create something.”)

Need we say more?

[Awesome illustration above from http://gapingvoid.com/]